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Your class will love their experience to Mitchell Farms to learn about life on the farm, and to see growing

Mitchell Farms is a unique agricultural destination that offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the farm’s history, the crops they grow, and experience the beauty of the surrounding countryside. The cabins, the Banquet Barn, and other buildings on the farm are made from timber found on the property, which adds to the authenticity of the experience.

The Mitchell family has their own sawmill, which is used to cut and size the timber for the construction of the buildings. The family designed and constructed the buildings using their own resources, and visitors can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into building them.

Tours of the farm are available year-round and offer an opportunity to explore the various crops grown on the farm, including peanuts, corn, wheat, soybeans, and pumpkins. Visitors can learn about the planting and harvesting process for each crop, as well as their uses in various industries.

The content of the tours will vary depending on the season, so visitors can experience the different stages of the farming process throughout the year. For example, during the fall, visitors can pick their pumpkins straight from the field, while during the summer, they can see the peanut and soybean plants in full bloom.

The tour typically lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours, and visitors are welcome to bring their own lunches to enjoy on the property. There is also a pavilion available for visitors to use during their visit.

In summary, Mitchell Farms is an excellent destination for anyone interested in agriculture and the farming process. Visitors can appreciate the beauty of the surrounding countryside and learn about the different crops grown on the farm, while also enjoying the unique experience of being surrounded by buildings made from timber harvested on the property.

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Schools, Mon-Fri, By Reservation Only Due to the size of groups & time limitations, we do require reservations for weekday visits. Thank you.


School Tours are $12.00 per person, Teachers and bus drivers receive free admission, but they Do Not receive a free pumpkin
Food vendors are available on weekdays and weekends. All others age 2 and older are $12.

We offer something for every age, so the price is the same. You must have a confirmed reservation.
Children age 0-23 months are free, but do not receive a free pumpkin. Saturday and Sunday tours are $15.00.

To Make a Reservation:

Call Jo Lynn at: (601) 606-0762