The wife of William Wages Speed, Jr. was Keziah Duckworth, born January 4, 1806, in South Carolina and died May 5, 1887, in Covington County, Mississippi. They were married on October 18, 1821, in South Carolina. Keziah Duckworth Speed was the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Jolly Duckworth.
Benjamin Duckworth was born about 1765. His name appears frequently in the Pendleton-Anderson District’s records in the course of his acquisition and disposal of lands.
On November 25, 1825, Benjamin Duckworth of South Carolina, received a patent for a quarter section of land in Covington County, Mississippi. (T9n R15W Sec 25). This is east of highway 37, and also east of Hopewell Church and school.
Benjamin Duckworth and his wife, Mary, were received by letter from the church at Hopewell, Anderson District, S. C., into the Leaf River Baptist Church in Covington County, Mississippi on February 15, 1834. Their daughter, Keziah Duckworth Speed, was one of the initial group that had constituted Leaf River Church on September 18, 1829.
It is assumed that all of Benjamin Duckworth’s children came to Mississippi. One son, Jacob, went to Texas and had died by 1843. Jacob’s two children, Frances E. Duckworth Smith, and Samuel H. Duckworth, sent a letter by way of New Orleans, requesting a share of their grandfather’s estate in Mississippi, which was settled in 1848.
Benjamin Duckworth died on a trip to Mobile to buy slaves, about 1840. He was buried by his traveling companions near Moss Point, Mississippi. His widow died March, 1860 at the home of her daughter, Charity Thompson, in Smith County, Mississippi. Benjamin Duckworth’s paternal great-great-grandfather, John Duckworth, emigrated from England to New Jersey in 1684.
John had a son named William, born about 1695 in Burlington, New Jersey, and died about 1727. William had four sons, William, John, George, and Joseph. This John was born about 1715 in Burlington, New Jersey.
John and Sarah Hankins Duckworth had three sons, John, William, and Simon. This William was born about 1735 in Frederick County, Virginia, and married Charity Jane (no known last name), and moved to North Carolina, where he died about 1770-71 at McDowell’s Creek, Mecklenberg County, North Carolina. It was this William and Charity Jane Duckworth who were the parents of Benjamin Duckworth who came to Mississippi. Their other sons were, John, who fought in the Revolutionary War; Jonathan, and William. These three moved to Burke County, North Carolina after their father’s death.

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