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Hugh Spell, great-great-grandson of William Frederick Spell
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NELDA SPELL MITCHELL 650 Leaf River Church Rd. Collins, MS 39428 (601) 914-9245

Spell-Speed Family History


to this work


Author's Philosophy, Spell Family Tree, Armorial Bearings of Spell, Preface

Page 2

Spell: Earliest Known

Page 3

William Frederick Spell, Private, CSA

Page 4

William Frederick Spell, Wife and Family

Page 5

Speed: Earliest Known

Page 6

Speed: Covington County, Mississippi

Page 7


Page 8

William Wages Speed, Jr.

Page 9

Speed - Spell Slaves

Page 10


Page 11


Page 12

Will of Benjamin Lawrence Will of Rachel Lawrence

Page 13

Speed - Spell House, Floor Plan of Speed - Spell House, Diagram of Speed - Spell Farm, Map of Spell Settlement,

Page 14

Bunker Hill Lodge Charter Membership

Page 15

Genealogical Records

Page 16

Genealogy Links