Sarah Lewis Speed was the daughter of Benjamin and Rachel Weems Lawrence. Benjamin Lawrence, born in 1763, in Virginia, served in the American Revolutionary War. His father was Lt. Benjamin Lawrence, Jr., born September 1, 1746 in Massachusetts and died June, 1824 in Massachusetts. His wife Rebecca Woods was born in 1754 at Pepperell, New York and died in 1830 at Jeffrey, New Hampshire. They were married in 1778.
The parents of Lt. Benjamin Lawrence, Jr. were; father Benjamin Lawrence, Sr., born November 6, 1720 in New Hampshire, died July 5, 1807 in Massachusetts; mother Rebecca Dodge, born in 1722 at Beverly, Massachusetts, died 1795 in Massachusetts. They were married in 1744 in Massachusetts.
The father of Benjamin Lawrence, Sr. was Benjamin Lawrence, born 1677 in Maryland, died November 26, 1738 in Massachusetts. His mother is unknown. The father of the above Benjamin Lawrence was also Benjamin Lawrence, born 1663 in Calvert County, Maryland, and died cat 1686 in Maryland. His mother was Elizabeth Talbot, born 1656 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland. Elizabeth Talbot’s parents were Richard Talbot, who died in 1666 in Maryland, and Elizabeth Ewen. They were married in 1656.
The will of Benjamin Lawrence gave to his daughter, Sarah Speed, one slave and $500; to his daughter, Margaret Deal, $1000; to his two sons, James and Elisha, to share equally, all of his land, his Mill Distillery, and two-thirds of his livestock; his wife received three slaves, one-third of the livestock, one horse and saddle, the house and furniture; his grand-daughter, Rachel Speed, who lived with him, (Rachel was the daughter of Sarah and William Speed, Sr.) a horse worth $70, a saddle and bridle, two feather beds with furniture, and $200.
Nearly 20 years later, his widow, Rachel Weems Lawrence, made her will, leaving her daughter, Margaret Deal, $50; her granddaughter, Rachel Speed Craig, $800; her great-granddaughter, Esther Margaret Craig, a Negro girl named Virginia, aged about eleven months. The remainder of her estate went to her two sons, James and Elisha. Her daughter, Sarah Lawrence Speed, who had moved to Mississippi, was not mentioned in her will, however, Sarah’s daughter and granddaughter, the Craigs, were favorably remembered.

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