Bunker Hill Lodge

Bunker Hill Lodge

Charter Membership

Established: January 19th 1869 at Bunker Hill, Smith County in the state of Mississippi, by the name Bunker Hill Lodge #311
Charter Members:
Charter Officers:
A plaque honoring W. F. Spell was placed in the Bunker Hill Lodge at a regular meeting in 1995. It reads: “In honor of the memory of Pvt. William F. Spell, Miss. 8th Inf. Co. C, CSA, Charter Master, Bunker Hill Lodge #311, est. Jan. 19, 1869″.

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Spell: Earliest Known

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William Frederick Spell, Private, CSA

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William Frederick Spell, Wife and Family

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Speed: Earliest Known

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Speed: Covington County, Mississippi

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William Wages Speed, Jr.

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Speed - Spell Slaves

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Will of Benjamin Lawrence Will of Rachel Lawrence

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Speed - Spell House, Floor Plan of Speed - Spell House, Diagram of Speed - Spell Farm, Map of Spell Settlement,

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Bunker Hill Lodge Charter Membership

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